Programming Reading List

This page contains my favorite books about programming-related topics. I may reference a few of these in posts, but most references in posts will come from my main Reading List page.

General Programming

why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby

Object Thinking

Exercises in Programming Style

Implementation Patterns

Programming Pearls

Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks

Gödel, Escher, Bach


Growing Object-Oriented Software

Language Specific

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good

Metaprogramming Ruby

The Little Schemer

Land of Lisp

Agile and Product Management

Agile Software Development

Are Your Lights On?

The Phoenix Project

The Goal

Code Quality

Design Patterns

Beautiful Code

Design Patterns in Ruby

Beyond Legacy Code

Working Effectively With Legacy Code

Clean Code


Being Geek

The Pragmatic Programmer

Becoming a Technical Leader

Radical Candor

Extreme Ownership

Biography / History


Masters of Doom

Free as in Freedom

Hackers & Painters